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It wasn’t that long ago when the first smartphone came out, and we saw the pace of connected devices and associated mobile applications accelerate beyond what anyone could have imagined. Shortly after that, something incredible happened, we reached the point where there were more connected devices than people on the planet. Since then, we’ve used this to measure the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Research predicts there will be as many as 50 to 100, and possibly even 200 billion connected devices by 2020. Some businesses are already set up for IoT, like operators of large networks of devices such as self-service kiosks and vending machines. These devices are communicating information back to the enterprise and for those that aren’t, installing the proper hardware and software to do so is more cost efficient today than ever before. Any business that is go... (more)

Next Generation #Makers: Raising Our Replacements

Grayson and I were at the Decatur High School football field, but we didn’t see a touchdown or a first down. We watched drone races at the back of the field where competitors would line up in twos and threes to race around the course, getting points for each successful lap. That was awesome but not my son’s favorite part of the Atlanta Maker Faire. Grayson built a circuit with an LED light and battery and did quite a bit of soldering. I have to give it to the person manning the booth, that was pretty brave to let a 7-year-old have his fingers that close to a hot soldering iron. ... (more)

The Three Things You Can do to Embrace the Internet of Things

The numbers are staggering, and it’s all melding together. By 2020 there will be 44 Trillion gigabytes of data, that’s equal to the number of stars in the universe. Picture 1 trillion sensors contributing to the rise of data in 2020 and three trillion being invested in the IoT over the next 10 years. And the trillion-dollar question is…what critical actions can you take to embrace the Internet of Things? It’s been said, people who live in the worlds between business and technology are critical to IoT success. First – Get involved If you want to join that world, and grab your share... (more)

The ABC’s of PCI and EMV compliance. What do small businesses need to know?

There are some very basic steps you can take towards making your payment processing solution compliant with PCI and EMV. Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) compliance are concerns of any payment processing solution today.  $20,752 IS THE AVERAGE COST TO A SMALL BUSINESS DUE TO HACKING, UP FROM $8,600 IN 2013 (National Small Business Association) It’s essential small businesses have an end-to-end payment solution in place that allows for PCI and EMV to be addressed. Cyberattacks are no longer just a problem for large, global enterprises they are a p... (more)

Back to School Edition: The Hour(s) of Code

While many of us were enjoying our last weekend of freedom, having fun with our kids or shopping for school supplies, others like Mark were heads down and knee deep in code. It takes a special person and a lot of passion for coding to participate in the annual ICFP Programming contest. Mark’s just that kind of guy and why we are so fortunate to have him at Banyan. Get on the ‘right side’ of the problem This year’s ICFP challenge was based on origami. The art of origami transforms paper using an intricate series of folds into beautiful, two-dimensional objects. Right-brained peopl... (more)